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How to Promote Your Smoking Glass Pipes Despite Legal Challenges?

Since the legalization of cannabis in numerous states of the USA, the demand for marijuana has quadrupled. According to the latest data, the current market size of legal cannabis has surpassed $25 billion, and experts predict it to be over $40 billion by 2024. One industry has seen exponential growth with the legalization of cannabis, and that is the smoking glass pipe industry. 

Despite the rapid growth in the demand for smoking glass pipes, there is a legal challenge. How would you reach out to your potential customers if you can’t advertise it? We have been in this industry and have been providing the highest possible margins for our clients. Despite these challenges, we’ve been able to reach out to a massive volume of potential customers. 

How can you promote your smoking glass pipes without advertising?

We’ve done the thinking part for you as we’re going to reveal strategies that worked for us in the past. Here are the ways to promote your smoke shops despite legal restraints:

Surveys and Quizzes

If your site is already getting some traffic, creating surveys and quizzes can be pretty productive. It will entice your potential customers to engage with you, and you will get to know what they want. For instance, you can organize a virtual quiz like, “What kind of glass pipe would be suitable for you?”. Your potential buyers would love to know more about it, and then you can recommend some great products. 

Connect with micro Influencers

Many store owners often leave out micro-influencers when they think of influencer marketing. You can check out influencers that love what you’re selling or anything related. For instance, anyone who talks a lot about cannabis would be a significant influencer for your brand. Remember the word “Micro”, as it means I’m talking about influencers who have around 1k to 10k followers. 

Wide Range of Quality Products

Not all smokers are the same, and you need to understand their needs. Over the years, we’ve seen many retailers only getting in to make quick cash. Keep in mind that you’re doing business, and you need to provide your customers with enough options. 

It’s the reason why we have provided various options for our retailers, and we have done the hard part of choosing the bundle for our clients. Due to us providing a great value to our clients, Hightimes (the best medical marijuana magazine) chose us as the best wholesale brand in their December 2020 edition. 

Here are some product bundles that end users love, and our clients have been grabbing significant margins from these products:

Run contests 

Who doesn’t love free stuff? You’ve got an excellent chance to make your post viral if you organize a free giveaway to winners. Ask your followers to tag their friends to increase their chance to win the contest. Also, announce the winner on your page if they permit you to share their information. 

Leverage Your Connections

Get some benefits from your connections. You can talk with anyone who has a fantastic social life and ask them to be an information promoter of your store. They can recommend your store among their circle, and you can give something to them for referring their friends to your store. 

Final Thoughts

Like every other industry, the smoking glass pipe industry has its challenges. However, there is a lot of money to be made in this growing industry if you’re creative. Luxe Products USA have dedicated itself to providing the highest quality glass pipes to its clients. Due to its hard work and dedication, Hightimes, the most popular medical marijuana magazine, chose Luxe Products USA as the best brand in its 2020 issue for providing the highest quality products with a significant margin to its clients. 

Try some of the tips I mentioned above. These are the things we tried and have got immense success in our campaigns. Let’s know which tactic you would use in your upcoming marketing campaign. If you’ve any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

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