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Dab Rigs

Dabbing is a way to inhale vapors more directly than what is possible with traditional bubblers. Dab rigs, also known as “concentrate rigs” or “oil rigs,” come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but invariably provide a more direct inhale than alternative pipes. Dabbing is a great way to enjoy the full richness of your concentrates, and our rigs are designed to optimize the experience with the highest quality vapor possible.


Once exclusively reserved only for those with the resources to create high quality concentrates themselves, dabbing has now become a favorite way for many consumers to enjoy various waxes or oils available on the market. Fortunately, unlike dabbers of times past, modern enthusiasts have a plethora of options in equipment. Large bongs or pipes have been replaced by more specialized, often smaller rigs, resulting in higher concentrations of flavor and potency, not to mention a much more convenient experience.


As many dabbers know, the essential difference between the concentrates used in dab rigs and conventional methods is the terpene intensity. Terpenes are responsible for the vast variety of signature flavors and scents in many herbs and plants, so it is impossible to overstate their value to your vapor. Naturally, the more water and time involved in your inhale, the more diluted those terpenes become, resulting in weakened flavor and potency. Dab rigs are a way to minimize both water contact and the time it takes for the vapor to reach your lungs so you can maximize the benefits of your concentrate.

Wholesale Dab Rigs
6-9 Inch Variety Pack

Variety 6"-9" Dab Rigs! All sorts of designs and shapes. These are ALL proven to sell in your store. PROVEN, without a doubt. Can be used as both bong and/or a dab rig. Each come with a 14mm male bowl for dry use. This is the best option if you want variety. This is hands down THE BEST item we...

11” Thick Durable Key Lime Percolator and dab rig Water pipe

SPECS: Bent Neck Jetline Style Jetline Perc + bubble splash guard  Bent Neck 14mm Female Joint 14mm Male Tobacco Bowl 9'' Inches Tall

11” Broad Based Crystal Shower perc Bong and Dab Rig

SPECS: Showerhead percolator 9" Inches Tall Shrub Style Fixed Downstem Straight Neck Sturdy Base 14mm Male Tobacco Bowl

Large Dab Rig Entrepreneur Package (9.5 inch - 14 inch)
$600 Retail Value: Set of 6

This is our newest Dab Rig package for Businesses and Retailers.  It consists of 6 High Quality and unique Dab Rigs, bundled for the best price possible.  All packages are packaged safely to ensure that it gets to you in one piece! WHAT YOU GET: (2) 9.5” - 10.5” Dab digs (Retail Total: $160) (2) 11” - 12” Dab Rigs (Retail...