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About Us

About Us

Wholesale Glass Pipes

Luxe Products was launched in 2015 and began selling strictly on Amazon. After 50,000 orders and 1200+ reviews, we began to branch out and here we are. Bigger, better, and continuing to serve our incredibly dope customers. 

Our specialty is providing you with unique, high quality, and durable glass to add to your collections. 

If you want to add something phenomenal to your collection, go with our retail individual water pipes and spoon pipes.  

If you want to beef up your collection or double/triple/quadruple your money; go for the wholesale kits.  The amount of glass you receive will blow your mind.

Thanks for choosing Luxe!

Our Wholesale Selection is the BEST in the Country! 

We are Luxe Products USA, the nation’s number one supplier of glass pipes, bongs, and accessories. We are not only the best wholesale bongs suppliers in the nation, but we are the best in customer service for our clients. Our strategies and the way we do things, is directly designed  to Make you the best profit that we can, and the fastest and most efficient fashion, while remaining ethical, and last and most importantly, sustainable. Nothing that we give our clients is going to do anything but make them and their business more profitable, diverse, and efficient. As suppliers of your glass pipes, bongs, and all other glass needs and glass accessories in the smoke shop industry, we also provide you consulting and solutions for problems. We’ve been doing this for a long time, so we can help you excel, and make your life easier.



If you have any questions regarding wholesale glass, please contact us:

(571) 463-0442 or