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  1. We Calculate Profits on each package, before you even receive it, so you know what to expect $.

  2. We do SWAPS: We only pick winners to send to your store. But if for any reason something doesn't sell, or you simply don’t like it, you can swap it out for something of your choice that will sell. This way, NOTHING SITS ON YOUR SHELF! Now that’s a 🎯

  3. Lowest Prices Guaranteed: If any company on the planet claims that they have better pricing than us, that's a lie... Not happening. We ensure your costs are lowest with us, and profits and efficiency are Highest...

  4. Best Quality Guaranteed: Our quality is bar-none.  We control almost all manufacturing for our products, so they are thick, of the best materials, and beautiful. Crafted and designed with functionality & beauty in mind! 
  5. We Consult with you on how to succeed; we are here for you anytime for questions, consultation, and even strategy approaches!

  6. Our Reviews speak for themself. Check us out on Google and Yelp.

*Any BBB reviews are related to a viral “Free Bong,” campaign we ran from 2017-2019, where we sent out over 10k bongs to potential customers for a modest shipping fee, as a promotion. The reviews are from a few people complaining about not receiving their free bongs, due to some discrepancy on their end (bad shipping address, wrong billing zip code, etc.), and has absolutely nothing to do with our Wholesale Glass Operation.