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We are Luxe Products USA, the nation’s number one supplier of glass pipes, bongs, and accessories. We are not only the best wholesale bongs suppliers in the nation, but we are the best in customer service for our clients. Our strategies and the way we do things, is directly designed  to Make you the best profit that we can, and the fastest and most efficient fashion, while remaining ethical, and last and most importantly, sustainable. Nothing that we give our clients is going to do anything but make them and their business more profitable, diverse, and efficient. AS suppliers of your glass pipes, bongs, and all other glass needs and glass accessories in the smoke shop industry, we also provide you consulting and solutions for problems. We’ve been doing this for a long time, so we can help you excel, and make your life easier.

When it comes to choosing the right glass pipe for you, there are a number of great ways to enjoy a smoke. Glass pipes are portable, sturdy and require only a lighter and some tobacco to help you unwind and relax. Glass pipes from Luxe offer a variety of colors and styles to choose from: spoons, Sherlock pipes, steamrollers and many more. If you are in the market for a glass pipe, look no further. Whether you are looking for a traditional glass pipe, such as one of our popular spoon pipe models, or you are looking for something a little funkier from our novelty collection, you’ll find everything you need at Luxe. 

Why choose a glass smoking pipe? Well, for starters, glass pipes don’t need water to function. They are made of scientific-grade glass and are sturdy enough for carrying around in your backpack when traveling. If you take care of them, they can last you for years to come. They are well priced and affordable enough that you can buy two or three to suit your moods. There’s no need to choose just one! Whether you are buying for yourself or your customers, there is lots of choice to suit a wide array of interests and preferences.

Wholesale Bongs

We offer wholesale pricing and packaging so you can make money selling glass pipes at your smoke shop, online store, or at local festivals and markets. You’ll be able to offer your customers a wide assortment of glass pipe options to meet their every need. There is no shortage of styles, colors, textures, uses, and themed pipes to entice even the most discerning tobacco smoker. Feel free to browse our wide selection of glass pipes. We’ve taken the time to describe each style of pipe, so you know more about what you are buying or to help you decide what to buy for yourself or your customers.Spoon Pipes

 Spoon Pipes

 This is the traditional style of glass pipe that most people think of when they think about smoking from a pipe. Spoon pipes are popular as entry-level smoking pipes because they are small and compact. This particular style of glass pipe features an easy-to-use mouthpiece, a bowl, neck, and carb for an enjoyable smoking experience. The design of this type of glass pipe allows you to control the flow of air so you can enjoy your smoking experience much more and tailor it to your liking. They are very portable and offer the user a discreet smoking experience for when they are on the go, yet they are large enough to make sure you get a good amount of smoke when in use.

Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock Pipes

 If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because these glass pipes are designed after the famous Sherlock Holmes. They feature a stylish and classic elongated and curved neck and is praised by smokers as a good smoking experience. Offering a variety of colors and styles, Luxe is proud to carry on the tradition of Sherlock pipes amongst the lineup of quality products we offer.

Steamroller Pipes Bongs Glass


Steamroller Pipes

If you enjoy inhaling a lot of smoke quickly and easily, then the Steamroller pipe is for you. These pipes are made from cylinder glass that allows the smoke to flow quickly and easily from one end to the other. This type of glass pipe features a mouthpiece, bowl, and carb. While many glass pipes function in a similar way, this pipe is unique because the carb is at the wrong end of the mouthpiece, making it easier to draw the air in large amounts and create a lot of smoke. These are great pipes for lounging or on-the-go adventures. This style of pipe provides the most “bang for your buck” when it comes to getting the most out of your favorite tobacco smoking experience. They provide powerful hits of smoke in each puff.

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Luxe Pipes

Luxe is proud to offer a large selection of novelty pipes to excite every interest and hobby. These glass pipes are made by hand from talented people all over the globe; they contain a lot of detail and make great gifts for tobacco smokers everywhere. Novelty pipes, or themed pipes as they are sometimes called, offer a great way to let people know your favorite sports team, food, super hero, or brand. There are hundreds of unique and interesting designs to choose from and you can buy them in bulk to sell to your customers -- they are an easy sell for people who like to show off their interests to the world! Novelty pipes come in all shapes and sizes including donuts, dinosaurs, honeypots, dragon tails, dolphins, cats, pumpkins, skulls, pandas and more! There is literally something for everyone when it comes to novelty pipes.


bubbler glass pipe


A bubbler glass pipe is a cross between a traditional glass pipe and a bong - which is a larger glass pipe with large bowls. Bubblers though, make it easy to smoke tobacco in the comfort of your own home, or while traveling without having to lug around a large bong. These glass pipes are made with high-quality scientific-grade glass, and they have rigorously tested for durability and quality. They come in a variety of styles of colors and have a distinct look about them, compared to the other types of glass pipes offered by Luxe. You’ll love how portable they are, and how lightweight they are compared to traditional bongs.

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