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                $199 Entrepreneur Super Box
                31 Piece

                Miss out on Bitcoin?? Need some quick $$$? Our professionals designed this ultimate $199 kit to make things easy. Specifically built to 3-4X your money selling individual items!  Included with Kit (actual retail of each type of item) - 4 Medium Water Pipes/Dab Rigs ($50+ Retail Each)  - 5 Medium Bubblers/Hammers ($16+ Retail Each) - 15 Glass Spoon Pipes  ($15+...

                $3000 Luxe Entrepreneur Package

                CALL FOR SUBSTITUTIONS: (202) 847-5062 20X  5.5" Bongs (clear tube) ($30 each)   600. $110ME 20X  7" Signature Dab Rigs- comes w/ 14mm Quartz attachment ($50 each) 1000. $320ME 10X  7"Gandalf ($30 each) 300. $80ME 50X 4" Variety Hand Pipes (colors and rasta) ($12 each) 600. $162.50ME 50X 3" heavy ($10 each)  500. $137.50ME 50X 3" Light ($8 each) 400.  $100ME...

                (3) 18” Luxe Random American Made Bongs

                 If you need a super durable, and extremely well, handcrafted, and detail oriented Bong for your collection or your store, we have the best prices in the United States. These are our top notch bongs; These 18” water pipes will be the main moneymaker in your store, or the main centerpiece in your collection.  Great to add to your collection...

                100 Heavy 3" Pipes for $199.95

                (100x) 3" Heavy Pipes:  This is one of our best deals for entrepreneurs, and is as absurd in our offer as the others! Heavy 3-3.5" pipes. Best deal for entrepreneurs or collectors in the USA.  Guaranteed. 1.) Collect your pipes 2.) Sell to customers for 5x-10x gains.   There is no better deal online...  

                100 Mini Pipes for $84.95

                Great set of 100 Mini pipes.  3" long each, and guaranteed to make you a good profit. Good quality as well.  For the best glass pipes on the market, we got you here, at LuxeProductsUSA.com. Money Back Guarantee.

                10” Bong w/ Ice catcher

                The best value for your store.  This is a must-buy, Bong. Customers purchase it every day, and we promise that you will be asking us for more of these very soon. These medium to large sized the water pipes are, and always have been a huge hit on the market. Purchase you’re five pack today, and emailed us if you...

                10” Supreme Beaker Bong with Ice Catcher

                THIS 10 inch Bong is everything you need in a home Bong. It is durable, and comes with a separate slider and bowl, 14 mm male.  This is the best price in the market, and the most functional. Don’t miss your opportunity, because there is a limited availability on these water pipes. 

                14mm Male Bowl Piece

                14mm Male Bowl Piece

                16" Large Ice Catcher Bong (Made in the USA)

                Branded, 16" Large Ice Catcher Bong (Made in the USA).  This water pipe is made in our country, and with thick glass, that is bar none to the other Chinese brands.  None of our glass products are made in China, but not all of our products are made in the USA. This Bong is one that is made in California, by...