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1" Metal Magnetic Mini Grinder

Don't let the size of this steel grinder fool you. It is durable, can grind up any herb, and can do it quickly. A great powerful grinder for travel or on the go.

14 MM Male Bowl
1-100 Units

14mm Male Bowl Piece. Get it in quantity, for an awesome price.  Whether you just need 1, or 100.  These are also sent in variety, which is great for you store, or collection.

18mm Male Bowl Piece

18mm Male Bowl Piece

3" Travel-Size Glass Pipe

Hand-made, one of a kind, 3" glass pipe.  Designs vary. 100% Glass. Retail price: $11.99

3.5” Heavy Variety Wholesale Glass Pipes
10+ Units

WHAT'S INCLUDED: 3.5” Variety Heavy Pipes (10-100 units) Great set of 100-1000 3.5” variety glass pipes.  3.5” long each, and about .75” wide, and guaranteed to make you a good profit. Very Good quality as well.  MSRP Each: $12.99 This is one of our best deals for entrepreneurs. These pipes have the best margins     

3” Lightweight Wholesale Glass Pipes

Great set of 100-1000 Mini pipes.  3" long each, and guaranteed to make you a good profit. Good quality as well.  For the best glass pipes on the market, we got you here, at LuxeProductsUSA.com.

4.5” Sherlock Bubblers
(10-100 Units)

(10-100)  Bubblers in these Packages: -Best Bubbler deal in the USA -Each bubbler is about 5" tall, and is super thick, with utmost QUALITY, that your customers will 100% LOVE. -You are getting MINIMUM: $160, $400, $1600 worth of Bubblers for your store.    The best price/value that you will get for you purchase.  Whether for your store, or wholesale, you will make...

5" Variety Silicone Pipes
10-50 Units

What you Get: - 5" Variety Colorful Silicone Pipes This is the most industrial, all inclusive ultimate Silicone pipe. Complete with a hidden stash tray and poker tool in the bottom to keep everything you need in one place. These pipes are virtually indestructible and are great for on-the-go!  Silicone has definitely come a long way since the 2000's, and is now competing...

6" Smell Proof Pipe Case Random Color

This smell proof pipe case is something that any glass pipe will be protected by, and secured with. Zips up, and allows space for a lighter, or any other accessories you'd like to go along with it.  (Fits sherlock, rasta, hammer, and other pipes 5" or less)

6.5" Luxe Sherlock Bubbler Package
10-25 Units

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Variety of 6.5" High Quality Sherlock bubbler These handheld Sherlock bubblers are handmade with the best borosilicate glass. Blown in an assortment of bright colors with various designs. They are premium quality and allow for a smooth hit as the smoke travels through the water chamber. 

6” Wholesale Hammer Bubblers
10+ Units

No more long waits for your products! Fast USA Shipping! "Hammer" Style Bubbler! This bubbler is the best type of bubbler we give our customers, because it is smooth, durable, easy to hit, and most of all, USEFUL for a long, long time. I suggest this to all, whether you own a store, or want it for your home. This...

8.5” Beaker Bong with Ice Catcher
10+ Units
MSRP: $50 each

This 9 inch Bong is everything you need in a main piece. It is durable, and comes with a separate slider and bowl, 14 mm male.  All of our wholesale packages are guaranteed to make you a ton of profit. Check our our wholesale section for other products and packages for your business. You get: 9” beaker bong with ice catcher 14mm...

Ambassador’s Starter Package: (82 total pieces)
Pipes, Bongs, Bubblers, Rigs, and Accessories
$1500+ MSRP Value

Perfect for Stores and Entrepreneurs JUST THE 6 DAB RIGS ALONE ARE ENOUGH TO MAKE YOUR MONEY BACK Via Retail.... It's a 0 Risk Situation. Heres a breakdown of the package:  (8) Large Luxury Pipes 5.5" and up (American handmade) ($35 each Retail) (8) 3" heavy pipes ($10 each retail) (5) 3" Mini Pipes ($5 each retail) (4) 4" Variety Rasta...

AMERICAN MADE Wholesale Glass Pipes Package
Up to $50 MSRP Value Each

The Variety Pipe Pack comes with beautiful and unique AMERICAN BLOWN Glass Pipes. These Handcrafted spoon pipes are of the highest quality and handmade by the best glass craftsmen in Richmond, VA. MSRP Price Range: MIN = $25 if you're giving things away... DO NOT SELL FOR THIS CHEAP AVG= $35... These are American Blown Hand Pipes, DO NOT sell them for less than $30...

Asylum Smoke & Stuff

13X  5.5" Bongs (clear tube) ($30 each)  390 5X  7" Signature Dab Rigs ($50 each)  250 3X  7"Gandalf ($30 each)  90 15X 3" heavy ($10 each) 150 20X 3" Light ($8 each) 160 20X 3" Mini ($6 each)  120 10X 3" Super Luxe Pipes ($15 each) 150 10X Med Pipes ($16 each) 160  10X Heavy-Weight Super Luxe Pipes ($40 each avg.) 400 10X Hammer Bubbler...

Complete Dab Rig Entrepreneur Package
$3000 Retail Value: Variety Luxury Dab Rigs + Extras

This is our newest Dab Rig package for Businesses and Retailers.  It consists High Quality and unique Dab Rigs, bundled for the best price possible.  All packages are packaged safely to ensure that it gets to you in one piece! Also, super easy to profit heavily from each package! It’s a NO BRAINER! Call (571) 463-0442 WHAT YOU GET: (4)...

Double Sided Dab Tool

Premium stainless steel double-sided dab tool

Eagle Torch Side Lighter

PRODUCT DETAILS: Premium torch-style lighters Assortment of bright designs These lighters burn strong and steady. They are the perfect spark for dab rigs and water pipes alike! 

ENTREPRENEUR BOX A: 44 Piece Kit $2020 MSRP Value

*If you sell 2 Bongs from this package, that’s already almost enough to get back your initial investment, and that's just 2 out of the 44 pieces in this package! Adding this box to your business is a no brainer! What's Included:  (10x) 3.5” Spoon Pipes: Retail $100 Total (10x) American-Made Luxury Pipes: Retail $250 Total (8x) 4.5" Medium Hand Crafted Pipes: Retail $150 Total (2x) Small Signature...

ENTREPRENEUR BOX B: 25 Bongs $2805 MSRP Value

Start your "Bong Empire" with this box and make over $2500 on your Investment! YOU GET 25 BONGS (5x) Mini 6” Pullout Bongs: Retail Total $100 (8x) Small High Quality Bongs: Retail Total $400 (4x) Medium Sized Variety Bongs: Retail Total $320 (4x) Large Sized Variety Bongs: Retail Total $700 (3x) Massive Sized Variety Bongs: Retail Total $900 (1x) Gigantic Sized Bong...

Gigantic Entrepreneur Package: 📦💸
$350 MSRP Value Each
4 Massive Bongs

 PACKAGE DETAILS: (4x) 18”- 20" MASSIVE Luxury Bongs 18 mm Male (MSRP $350 each on Avg.)  All will be THICK, impressively crafted water bongs with layers of percs and extensive air chambers within All with ice catchers Assortment of beautiful colors and styles If you're looking for an assortment of thick, luxurious, intricate bongs, look no further. These are our highest quality bongs; These MASSIVE...

Glass Carb Cap for 14mm Quartz Bangers

Variety of Glass Carb Caps. Mainly Green, Blue, and grey colored.  Awesome for your dab rig.

Glass Dabber Tool(s): Handmade Luxury Edition

A variety of the finest made dabber tools (made of glass). All of these dabbers are hand made out of glass. Each individual Dab piece is gorgeous and one of a kind.  We send you a variety for your store, and/or business. Please select the quantity you want, and you will see the price is also reflected in the quantity...

Luxe Extraordinaire Entrepreneur Package: BRONZE (All Water Pipes/Bongs)
$9500+ MSRP Value

**KEY: - Parenthesis (x) means the Retail Price of Each; the price in the right of that outside of the parentheses is your wholesale cost. (10) 7” Mini Bongs with Slide out: ($20 each) $6 Each (25) 6”-8” Variety Water Pipes: ($50 each) $15 Each (10) 8"-10” Fancy Luxury Water Pipes ($75 each) $25 Each  (6) 9" Fancy Silicone Water...