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Who doesn’t love a good glass pipe? Glass pipes are incredibly convenient and versatile smoking pipes. They not only vary in shape and size but also are handmade and painted so that each pipe is unique to the user. Glass pipes are considered the most classic smoking pipe for their ease of use and durability.
We have a wide variety of glass pipes to suit any smoker's taste and style; from travel sizes that are convenient to take on the go with you, to more decorative pieces that you would only want to break out for special occasions, or with special guests. We know there’s a lot of different glass pipes, so let’s go ahead and learn about the most common types, so you are able to make an educated purchase!
Spoon Pipes
These are the most common, and recognized glass pipes. These pipes are handheld ,and typically have four separate parts (mouthpiece, neck, bowl, and carb).  Because you can control how long you inhale for- these pipes are great for being discreet yet enjoyable.  
Novelty Pipes
These Pipes are for the inner geek and nerd we all have.  Each pipe is handcrafted with intricate details- whether it’s a nod to your favorite show, a glow in the dark pipe, or simply a dragon theme because you love dragons- the sky's the limit with these.  
These pipes are noticeably different than the spoon pipes as they are straight and do not have the bowl. The purpose for this is to inhale a lot of smoke very quickly.
The Chillum looks just like the straight steamroller, but the mechanics of it are a bit more simple. The steamroller has a carb, and the chillum does not. The Chillum is also almost always shorter than the steamroller BUT because of the small size it means it can be made of many different materials, and it’s the best pipe discreteness.
Why Glass Pipes?
Glass pipes give the smoker the ability to express themselves through the look of their pipe. Each pipe is different, and you have complete control of your color and design.  Because these pipes are made of glass, they handle heat much better.  Unlike a metal pipe, the glass heats evenly and allows the user to hold the bowl without being burned.
Speaking of heat, nothing would be worse than taking a hit and burning your mouth on the end of your pipe. With glass pipes, this is never an issue. There is also a clear flavor distinction when smoking from a glass pipe. They have no taste of their own, so you are tasting only your bud with each hit, and not the bitter tastes of metal or additives from other smoking devices. Glass pipes stand the test of time. Unlike metal or stone pipes which can break down, glass changes very little with usage. You can be assured that you'll never have to worry about the flavor of your herbs or tobacco being altered by the regular use of your favorite glass pipe.
Glass pipes are also incredibly cost-effective. Rather than having to continually replace rolling paper or worry about damaging your stone pipes; glass pipes provide a budget-friendly, user-friendly, and long-lasting alternative. It’s no wonder that glass is the top choice for most - you get a durable, portable, and enjoyable pipe that is specific to your taste,  which will last you for bowls and bowls to come.