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The Top 6 Dab Rigs Reviewed 2018

More and more people are opting for water vapor based, combustion-free smoking.

Enter dab rigs.

Dab rigs are water pipes that specialize in turning oils, extracts and concentrates into smooth, awesome smoking experiences.


So which dab rigs are the best ones on the market in 2018?

 Which ones have the best build quality, are available at the lowest price, and pack the most flavor?

When it comes to picking a dab rig that has everything you’re looking for, you’re going to be presented with a lot of options.

Not all dab rigs are created equal though, and because of that, we wanted to give you our top dab rig recommendations for 2018.

Below are 6 of the top dab rigs that pack craftmanship, an awesome price, and are available for you to buy right now.


Blue Lagoon | $79.99

The Blue Lagoon is a miniature beast and one of the best dab rigs we’ve managed to get our hands on.

Standing at just 10 inches tall, this dab rig’s small stature makes for excellent flavor since its compact chamber size doesn’t give your vapor the opportunity to lose its potency.

The build quality of this rig is worth noting as well. It's incredibly durable so the occasional bang and bump aren't likely to ruin your evening.

On the subject of design, we like the Blue Lagoon’s simplicity. It has a basic clear body with colored accents which give it a pop you have to see in person to fully appreciate.

This bad boy (or bad girl depending on how you anthropomorphize your smoking paraphernalia) is sure to make you a proud parent.


Luxe Hornet | $79.99

The Luxe Hornet is another dab rig that is cheap in price but luxury in quality. Similar to the Blue Lagoon, this dab rig will knock you out with its ability to preserve your vapor’s flavor as it circulates through its chamber.

We like its upside-down shower percolation system which cools just right. Well-balanced percolation is essential since dabs don’t require much to achieve an optimal experience and the Luxe Hornet strikes that balance perfectly.

If you’re looking for a simple looking, small dab rig that packs good flavor at an affordable price, the Luxe Hornet could be your new best dabbing friend.


Bent Neck Black Rig | $89.99

The Bent Neck Black Rig comes in at 14 inches tall which is a hair larger than our two previous 10-inch recommendations.

We love its ultra-thick glass which made it feel like one of the sturdiest dab rigs we handled during our testing.

This rig provides a clean smoking experience and features a percolator that chops water the perfect amount to ensure consistency in flavor.

It also has an awesome bent neck.

A bent neck in dab rigs might not seem like a primary feature to look for when shopping, but it really can make a difference in your comfort while enjoying a smoke session.

The design of this dab rig feels simple yet sophisticated and overall makes for an excellent, high-quality rig.


Killer Bee | $89.99

The Killer Bee is a compact, 10-inch dab rig that boasts an awesome beehive inspired percolation system and beautiful honey colored accents.

The compact body means less vapor dilution and the small mouthpiece makes it, so you get to experience the full complexity of your dab’s flavor.

Overall, this dab rig is attractive, affordable and makes for a quality rig you can rely on.


Black Magic | $99.99

The Black Magic dab rig, it a black beauty.

Seriously, check out that percolation mechanism!

Its look is what initially attracted us to it, but the quality of smoke you get from it is why we’re recommending it.

Normally, you might want to be skeptical when you see showy percolation components. As we’ve eluded to previously in this post, there is a happy medium when it comes to percolation in dab rigs since dabs don’t require that much cooling and if you find a percolator that really chops the water up, it could adversely affect your experience.

We’re happy to report that with the Black Magic, we got to enjoy its unique stylistic flair AND awesome flavor. No tradeoffs.

Standing at 14 inches tall, the affordable Black Magic is a great choice if you’re in the market for a dab rig that’s simple enough that it doesn’t look like you’re trying to be showy but unique enough that your friends will take notice.


Luxe Green Hornet | 109.99

The Luxe Green Hornet is the priciest suggestion we have amongst our dab rig recommendations, but given its build and the high-quality smoking experience it provides, we actually think it’s pretty darn affordable.

The tastefully laid out green accents throughout the pipe immediately draw your eye to its three levels, most impressive of which is the elevated percolation system which makes for a fun visual.

Visuals are cheap though if they come at the expense of flavor and we’re happy to report that form meets function with the Luxe Green Hornet.

This dab rig is only 14 inches tall, thanks in part to its bent neck which makes it easy to store and allows for a comfortable smoking experience.

Those are our 6 recommendations for some of the best dab rigs you can pick up as of 2018.

Each of these provides exceptional value and a smoke quality that we know you’ll be satisfied with.

Some things to consider if you ever need to purchase a dab rig outside of our recommendations:

  • The smaller a rig’s smoke chamber is, the more flavor it’s likely to provide
  • The smaller the rig’s mouthpiece, the better the flavor you’re likely to pull from the chamber
  • Try to find a rig that has a percolation mechanism that does not over chop the water. Too much percolation can hurt your experience

That’s all from us.

We hope you found this list of recommendations helpful in your quest to find the perfect dab rig.

Happy Dabbing!


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