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How to Stand Out As a Smoke Shop Retailer?

The researchers predict CBD market size to increase at 125% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) by 2026. The number of people selling cannabis and smoking glass pipes is growing at a rapid pace. However, those who fail to keep up with the competition and level up their stores are likely to close. 

As per the recent data, there are over 8000 smoke glass pipe stores all over the USA. There are tens and hundreds of stores opening up every day to capitalize on the growing demand for glass pipes. Like every other industry, you should expect competition and be creative to increase your revenue. 

Things You Can Do To Stand Out As A Smoke Shop 

Some retailers think that it’s not possible to do much to promote their retail stores. However, that’s not true. We’ve helped our clients to generate an impressive margin from their sales, including boosting their revenue. Our experience has enabled them to fill up their store with products that sell. It’s the reason why Hightimes (the best medical marijuana magazine) selected one of our products as the most luxurious smoke glass. 

We are not only wholesalers but also a smoke glass business consultant. After being in the industry for years, here are some things I’ve learned that can make you stand out as a retailer amid competitors:

Consider how you showcase your products in your store

Human beings are visual creatures, and they are even more visual when it comes to stylish products like smoking glass pipes. You can see varieties of glass pipes that cater to the fashion preference and needs of the customers. 

One of the ways to stand out amid competition is by considering how you showcase your products. Monitor what type of people visit your store and keep those products in front of their eyesight that they are most likely to purchase. It’s essential to have other products in your store, but prospects mainly only consider items in front of their eyesight. 


Traditional brochures, magazines, and leaflets can increase your conversion rate.

Some might argue that there is no point in traditional advertising methods, but they haven’t carefully evaluated their impacts. Let me tell you how you can increase your revenue by using conventional advertising methods. 

The Wall Street Journal study shows that higher engagement with potential customers leads to an increment of up to 40% sales. On top of that, you can list out the critical features of your products in those print materials. It will help you convince your potential customers. 

Offer a variety of products.

Giving too many options for your prospects is terrible, but not providing them with enough options can be a disaster as well. It’s the reason why we bundle a variety of products in one package in our online store that can give our clients a variety of products to pitch. 

We don’t pick out random products in the bundle, but those are more likely to sell. Our clients do repeat business with us because we provide more excellent care and margin to them. 

Go digital 

Around 81% of people do online research before making a purchase decision. If you’re not investing in your store’s digital presence, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Try to spend at least some percentage of your revenue in online marketing to see a positive return on investment. When you’re doing marketing, try to go as local as possible. 

Educate your employees

Having spent a lot of time researching and marketing smoking glass pipes, we can assure you that our market is technical. Like other technical products, we also have a variety of products with some specific features. For example, hammer bubblers emphasize more on simplicity that it provides to smokers. 

Your prospects will expect at least some fundamental knowledge from your employees. 

Create the feeling of scarcity

The visitors in your store will be more likely to show urgency if you present the scarcity of specific products. You can show lack by having only a limited volume of particular products on your floor. Another way to generate the feeling of scarcity is by asking your employees to do so. A simple line like, “You’re in luck to have this specific glass pipe”, can make your visitors feel the product might not be available next time. 

Always have a backup plan for products that are in demand but not available in your store.

If you build a good connection with your prospect, they’re more likely to buy from you. One advantage of face-to-face interaction is that you’ve got a better chance of winning the trust of your leads. 

It’s always wise to have a backup plan for specific products in demand but not available in your store. Offer something like free shipping if they select a product that you currently don’t have in your store. 

Over to You

I hope you’ve got tremendous value out of the information we’ve shared with you. Small things matter, and there is a thin line between failure and success. The tips we’ve shared are not challenging to implement. 

Which tips are you going to implement initially?

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