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                FEATURED PRODUCTS

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                Quartz Banger 14mm Female

                These 14mm Male Quartz Bangers are the real deal. Amazing glass at an affordable price. Please check out our other amazing glass products.  

                5x Colored 4” Glass Pipes

                Thick, heavy, durable, and functional glass smoking pipes. These bowls will do amazing at your store, or for your friends as a group. They are great as a travel pipe, and/or a home pipe. Regardless, these glass pipes will be a big hit.  You Get: 5 Glass Pipes (Various colors) 

                (3) 18” Luxe Random American Made Bongs

                 If you need a super durable, and extremely well, handcrafted, and detail oriented Bong for your collection or your store, we have the best prices in the United States. These are our top notch bongs; These 18” water pipes will be the main moneymaker in your store, or the main centerpiece in your collection.  Great to add to your collection...

                10 Variety 7" Bongs/Dab Rigs- Entrepreneur Package

                10 different 7” Bongs. Can be used as both bong and/or a dab rig. Each come with a 14mm male bowl for dry use. This is the best option if you want variety. This is hands down the best item we have for stores, in terms of bongs and dab rigs.  Money Back Guarantee! You get: 10 Variety Bongs Total!...

                10” Bong w/ Ice catcher

                The best value for your store.  This is a must-buy, Bong. Customers purchase it every day, and we promise that you will be asking us for more of these very soon. These medium to large sized the water pipes are, and always have been a huge hit on the market. Purchase you’re five pack today, and emailed us if you...

                Wizard Smoke Shop Package

                Heres a breakdown of the package: KEY:  Retail Price are in (Parentheses)  Your price is next to the retail price.  **(10) Large Luxury Pipes 5.5"+ (American made, hand made) ($40 each Retail)** $8 Each (5) 3" heavy ($10 each) $2.75 Each (5) 3" Light ($8 each) $2.00 Each (5) 3" Mini ($6 each)  $1.00 Each (5) Medium Pipes 4" (combo,...