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                FEATURED PRODUCTS

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                Premium Grinder

                Fast FREE USA Shipping! Max 1 per order. Premium 4 piece grinder on sale by Luxe Products. Be sure to check out our other glass products and specials. Wholesale glass deals available. Water pipes, hand pipes, spoons, grinders, and more are available!

                Pink Hand Crafted Bubbler

                Pink, Hand Crafted Bubbler.  About 4.5" Tall, and perfect for any type of use, whether on the go, or in the house! A truly Beautiful Glass Bubbler! Super Fast Shipping!

                Red Hand Crafted Bubbler

                Beautiful Hand Crafted Bubbler.  Super Fast Shipping.

                Blue Hand Crafted Bubbler

                Beautiful, Ocean Blue Bubbler.  Hand Crafted in Nepal, from the mountains, to you.  Super Fast Shipping! Best Bubblers in the game! Luxe Products USA!

                16" Large Ice Catcher Bong (Made in the USA)

                Branded, 16" Large Ice Catcher Bong (Made in the USA).  This water pipe is made in our country, and with thick glass, that is bar none to the other Chinese brands.  None of our glass products are made in China, but not all of our products are made in the USA. This Bong is one that is made in California, by...

                The OctaSquid, Hand-Crafted Luxury Glass Pipe

                 This is the type of handcrafted pipe, that you can’t find unless you’re searching for craftiness and authenticity; let’s jsut say it’s not found in your regular street corner store.  We source these from only the best blowers in the world, and deliver them straight to your door, at an affordable price. This smoking pipe, is used for tobacco, or...

                4” Super Thick & Heavy Space Traveler’s Spoon Pipe

                 This large smoking pipe is essential to your home collection. It is thick, durable, functional, beautiful, and handcrafted. This glass pipe will be very difficult to break, As it is extremely thick. It is one of our most durable hand pipes, and bowls that we have. This smoking pipe can be yours for half the price of the competition. 

                5” Blue Ivy Pipe

                The Blue Ivy, is a thick, and durable and pipe that has the functionality of that of an enthusiasts smoking pipe. This tobacco and herbal pipe is of course, a hand-crafted (handmade), glass pipe. These are one of a kind, and you cannot get them anywhere else in the world. Super fast shipping. Get your Blie Ivy Glass Pipe today,...

                Quartz Banger 14mm Male

                These 14mm Male Quartz Bangers are the real deal. Amazing glass at an affordable price. Please check out our other amazing glass products.