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                FEATURED PRODUCTS

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                Glow in the Dark - Spider Venom Dab Rig

                Comes with: 7” Bong/Dab Rig (Glow in the dark) 14mm quartz banger  14mm male bowl 

                5" Sherlock Bubbler

                HITS LIKE A CHAMP!! SUPER CONVENIENT :)  No hidden secrets! Just pay shipping!! Don't wait, offer ends soon!!!! *** HAND MADE *** These 4-5" bubblers are super high quality and will make a perfect gift or addition to your collection! Limited time on this amazing offer.  The bubbler that you will receive will be surely guaranteed to surprise you for how...

                Green Sherlock Gandalf Water Piece

                DID YOU EVER WONDER WHAT GANDALF WAS SMOKING? We may never know, but you can take advantage of this $25 value. This is a 6.5" percolated water pipe, with an ergonomically friendly build for the ideal comfortable experience.   

                5" Hammer Bubbler

                No more long waits for your products! Fast USA Shipping!  "Hammer" Style Bubbler! This bubbler is the best type of bubbler we give our customers, because it is smooth, durable, easy to hit, and most of all, USEFUL for a long, long time. I suggest this to all, whether you own a store, or want it for your home.  This...

                The Phoenix: 6" Luxury Glass Hand Pipe

                This is hands down, the most luxurious and durable hand pipe you will every get... The price is absurdly low, as a promotion for our fans.  We love you, please enjoy this pipe, and spread the luxury... Selectively selected for you..Best glass pipes in the game.  Luxe Products USA.   6" Long, and Very heavy   Super Fast Shipping!

                5" Smell Proof Pipe Case Random Color (Fits sherlock, rasta, hammer, and other pipes 5" or less)

                This smell proof pipe case is something that any glass pipe will be protected by, and secured with.  Zips up, and allows space for a lighter, or any other accessories you'd like to go along with it.

                5" Rasta Pipes

                Fast USA Shipping! No more long wait for your Products! Best Deal in the USA.  HIGH QUALITY RASTA PIPE, 5" Medium 5" Rasta Colored Hand Made Spoon! This is an absolute must have and best seller. Will not last long! HURRY, DEAL ENDS SOON!

                5" Twister Heavy Pipe

                These Glass pipes, are made of a more expensive type of glass material.  They are handcrafted, and one of our most gorgeous pipes, not to mention popular! These Hand pipes have been in the market for only 1 month now, and are the most popular cute pipe in the nation! Just cover shipping!  Awesome 5" assorted Twist Patterned Pipes!! These...

                Pink Sapphire Edition Glass Pipe

                This pink glass pipe is a thing of beauty. It acts as a great pipe for your home piece, or a great bowl on the go! This hand pipe is something unique, with hand blown quality. This means that it’s hand crafted. Get yours today, and see the beauty and functionality that Luxe Offers.