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Ultimate Entrepreneur Package: 📦$600 Value
4 Large Bongs

Start Your "Bong Empire," out from scratch, and make $200 of profit or more on your Investment! GUARANTEED 2-4x PROFITS (read description below)  ($500 - $800 Value ) (4x) 14"-16" Pipes (retail $500 Total Minimum Retail Value) Product May Vary in Shape, size, and Color (from the pictures represented above, but are still always similar to what is represented). Where to sell? Depending on your state and...

25 Piece

Start Your "Bong Empire," out from scratch, and get back $400 or more on your Investment!  *If you sell 1 Large Bongs on this list, that’s already almost Enough to get back your initial investment. It’s a “No-Brainer” Get your Entrepreneur Box Today, and don't hesitate... because there's a limited quantity. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  ($605 Value): (10x) 3" Pipes: Retail $70 Total (5) American-Made Luxury Pipe...

10 Bongs

Start Your "Bong Empire," out from scratch, and make $200 or more on your Investment!      "So easy, your grandma can do it."   Get your Entrepreneur Box Today, and don't hesitate... because there's limited quantity. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! YOU GET 10 BONGS (4) Small 5” Pullout Bongs: Retail Total $80 (3) Large 14”-16” Variety Bongs : Retail Total...

Large Dab Rig Package (9.5 inch - 14 inch)
$600 Retail Value: Set of 6

This is our newest Dab Rig package for Businesses and Retailers.  It consists of 6 High Quality and unique Dab Rigs, bundled for the best price possible.  All packages are packaged safely to ensure that it gets to you in one piece! WHAT YOU GET: (2) 9.5” - 10.5” Dab digs (Retail Total: $160) (2) 11” - 12” Dab Rigs (Retail...

Ambassador’s Starter Package

Perfect for Stores and Entrepreneurs JUST THE 6 DAB RIGS ALONE ARE ENOUGH TO MAKE YOUR MONEY BACK Via Retail.... It's a 0 Risk Situation... Heres a breakdown of the package: ) KEY: Retail Prices are in (Parentheses) **(8) Large Luxury Pipes 5.5"+ (American made, hand made) ($35 each Retail)** (3) 3" heavy pipes ($10 each) (5) 3" Light pipes...

Premium Variety Package for Businesses

Perfect for Stores and Entrepreneurs JUST THE 15 DAB RIGS ALONE ARE ENOUGH TO MAKE YOUR MONEY BACK Via Retail.... It's a 0 Risk Situation... You know what sucks about buying wholesale packages for your smoke shop or online store? The ample amount of time it takes to choose what you need, to calculate your profit forecasts and margins,, and to...

Luxury Variety Pipe Pack

The Variety Pipe Pack comes with 10-100 Luxury Handblown Pipes, depending on the quantity that you choose. These luxury pipes are all one of a kind, and made by the best glass craftsmen in the world. Whether you want stock up on gifts for friends, add to your own collection, or own a store and want to sell these in your...

Wholesale Bongs
6-9 Inches Assorted

A Unique and High Quality Variety of Wholesale Bongs! All sorts of designs and shapes. These are ALL proven to sell in your store. PROVEN, without a doubt. Also,  Can be used as both bong and/or a dab rig. Each come with a 14mm male bowl for dry use. This is the best option if you want variety. This is...

Wholesale Dab Rigs
6"-9" Variety Pack

Variety 6"-9" Dab Rigs! All sorts of designs and shapes. These are ALL proven to sell in your store. PROVEN, without a doubt. Can be used as both bong and/or a dab rig. Each come with a 14mm male bowl for dry use. This is the best option if you want variety. This is hands down THE BEST item we...

3" Heavy Pipe

(1x-100x) 3" Heavy Pipes: This is one of our best deals for entrepreneurs, and is as absurd in our offer as the others! Heavy 3-3.5" pipes. Best deal for entrepreneurs or collectors in the USA. Guaranteed. 1.) Collect your pipes at $2.50-$4.25 wholesale price each unit. 2.) Sell to customers for 5x-10x gains.   There is no better deal online......

3” Lightweight Pipes

Great set of 1-100 Mini pipes.  3" long each, and guaranteed to make you a good profit. Good quality as well.  For the best glass pipes on the market, we got you here, at LuxeProductsUSA.com. Money Back Guarantee.

$3000 Luxe Extraordinaire Entrepreneur Package

**KEY: - Parenthesis (x) means the Retail Price of Each; the number next to it in the middle, shows the total retail value. -The Cost is the next number that says, $ME. CALL FOR SUBSTITUTIONS: (202) 847-5062 10X 5.5"-7" Variety Bongs ($25 each) 250. $110ME 40X 7" Signature Dab Rigs- comes w/ 14mm Quartz attachment ($50 each) 2000. $600ME 8X 7" Craft...

7" Variety Large Wholesale Bubblers 10-100 Units

The BEST price/value that you will get for you purchase.  Whether for your store, or wholesale, you will make some serious returns with this amazingly priced package. Not to mention, the inventory is beautiful.  Don't Miss out on this opportunity to get wholesale glass bubblers at a price that can't be beat, and with free personalized service for monthly clients....

5" Variety Silicone Pipes 1-50 Units

The exception to the "Glass Pipe," category, we apologize for that discrepancy  This is the ultimate Silicone pipe you can get, just for the price of shipping alone... Don't miss out on this unbreakable silicone beast! Small, yet durable, and ready to take on the go, or as a piece at home. Silicone has definitely gone a long way since...

5” Hammer Bubblers

No more long waits for your products! Fast USA Shipping! "Hammer" Style Bubbler! This bubbler is the best type of bubbler we give our customers, because it is smooth, durable, easy to hit, and most of all, USEFUL for a long, long time. I suggest this to all, whether you own a store, or want it for your home. This...

Wholesale Premium 4-Part Steel Grinders (1-100 Units)

Premium 4-Part Steel Grinders on sale by Luxe Products USA You get: 1-100 units This is something that is undoubtedly important for your shop! Be sure to check out our other glass products and specials. Wholesale glass deals available. Water pipes, hand pipes, spoons, grinders, and more are available!

Gas Mask Waterpipe

This Gas Mask Bong is the best in the business, and for the best price. The Mixed colors of the mask are stylish, and the functionality of the water pipe is smooth and mellow. Purchase yours today, and get super fast shipping on all of our glass pipes, water pipes/bongs, dab rigs, and/or any other accessories. Super Fast shipping!  ...

Mini Grinders

Mini Acrylic grinders! These grinders work extremely well, especially for their size. Grind herbs, and other things with ease. Awesome grinders for all occasions! Includes 3 with every order. 1” Diameter .35” Thick

Luxe Starter Kit

FREE SHIPPING NEW Luxe Starter Pack Kit includes: (1) 5" Hammer Style Bubbler ($16 Retail each) (1) 5" Bubbler (upright) ($16 Retail each) (1) 4.5" Rasta Handmade Pipe ($12 Retail each) (1) 2.5" 4-Part Herbal Grinder ($20 Retail each) This is the best glass pipe, bubbler, or smoke shop deal we have for those of you who want a sample...

14 MM Male Bowl
1-100 Units

14mm Male Bowl Piece. Get it in quantity, for an awesome price.  Whether you just need 1, or 100.  These are also sent in variety, which is great for you store, or collection.

Quartz Banger 14mm Male
1-100 Units

These 14mm Male Quartz Bangers are the real deal. Amazing glass at an affordable price. Please check out our other amazing glass products.

Ice cream Silicone Pipe

4” ice cream silicone pipe. Comes in 4 colors! Buy yours now and receive super fast shipping!

Medium Size Glass Pipes
Wholesale Variety Package

Buy 1, 10, 25, or 100 of these absolutely gorgeous glass pipes for your store.  A mixture of the best you can get.  Generous, per usual, and guaranteed huge profits for you as always. YOU WILL BE MORE THAN SATISFIED, and NOBODY can beat our prices. NOBODY.  Cheers to good business folks :) These Medium Pipes, are luxurious... You will...

Smokers Travel Kit

NEW SMOKERS KIT! Awesome travel case, glass pipe, & grinder! Be sure to checkout Luxe Products SALE and other glass pipes we have. You can take this pipe and grinder, as well as a pipe case (which withstands pretty much anything...) is the perfect gift, or useful package for your life. You can take it as a comprehensively effective package...

9” Beaker Bong with Ice Catcher
10+ Units

This 9 inch Bong is everything you need in a main piece. It is durable, and comes with a separate slider and bowl, 14 mm male.  This is the best price in the market, and the most functional. Don’t miss your opportunity, because there is a limited availability on these water pipes!  Also, any of our wholesale packages are made...