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Wholesale Herbal Grinders & Tobacco Accessories

Herb Grinders are a must have for any herb or tobacco lover. Herb grinders are made of two halves with teeth in between. When the two pieces are aligned and turned, the product will be crushed into fragments; improving taste for smoking. The grounds can then be rolled or smoked in a pipe. By grinding, you’ll get a better and smoother burn.

You can find grinders in varying sizes depending on your usage. Two-part grinders are excellent; they will certainly do the job for most people. But depending on your usage, you may be better off going with 3-5 part grinders. The additional parts are more screens (kief catchers) to catch the remnants of your bud, in turn making your herb go farther.

There is no shortage of options when it comes to grinder materials. You can find glass, metal, wood, plastic, or acrylic cylinders. Some of these may seem enticing since they will be much more budget-friendly.

Acrylics and Plastic

While acrylics and plastic are the most economical choices, they are the most prone to long-term use issues. Both will break down and end up in your herb - the same goes for wood. Those bits have to go somewhere, and that somewhere is right in your herbs, tobacco, or other legal substance. Both of these materials will gunk up quickly too. While you’ll get the color variations with acrylic and plastic, and the ornate carvings with wood they are best if used short term.  

Glass Grinders

Even though they aren’t common, you can find glass grinders, but much like wood and acrylics, they break down as well. They definitely are a sweet novelty item, though.  


Metals are fantastic for herb grinding. You get the same variety of colors as you'd find with acrylic and the same ornate novelty designs of carved wood. You get all the functionality without any of the drawbacks. If you are more than an occasional user, metal is the way to go.

No matter what option you choose for herb grinders we all agree using a grinder is better than using your fingers. You won’t lose as much of the crystals because they won't be stuck to your fingers. You’ll get to retain more of your herb, and it will be a better quality and smooth experience as well.

Premium Cartoon Steel Grinder

Premium Steel Grinders with kief catcher. Random assortment of graphics! 

Premium LARGE 4-Part Wholesale Steel Grinders (1-100 Units)

Premium 4-Part Steel Grinders on sale by Luxe Products USA You get: 1-100 units This is something that is undoubtedly important for your shop! Be sure to check out our other glass products and specials. Wholesale glass deals available. Water pipes, hand pipes, spoons, grinders, and more are available!

1" Metal Magnetic Mini Grinder

Don't let the size of this steel grinder fool you. It is durable, can grind up any herb, and can do it quickly. A great powerful grinder for travel or on the go.

Eagle Torch Side Lighter

PRODUCT DETAILS: Premium torch-style lighters Assortment of bright designs These lighters burn strong and steady. They are the perfect spark for dab rigs and water pipes alike! 

Sugar Skull Clipper Lighter

PRODUCT DETAILS: Premium Clipper Lighters Assortment of bright Sugar Skull designs These lighters burn strong and steady. They provide the perfect spark for all your smoking needs! 

Quartz Banger 14mm Male
1-100 Units

These 14mm Male Quartz Bangers are the real deal. Amazing glass at an affordable price. Please check out our other amazing glass products.

Quartz Banger 14 MM Female (10-25 Units)

These 14mm Male Quartz Bangers are the real deal. Amazing glass at an affordable price. Please check out our other amazing glass products.

14 MM Male Bowl
1-100 Units

14mm Male Bowl Piece. Get it in quantity, for an awesome price.  Whether you just need 1, or 100.  These are also sent in variety, which is great for you store, or collection.

6" Smell Proof Pipe Case Random Color

This smell proof pipe case is something that any glass pipe will be protected by, and secured with. Zips up, and allows space for a lighter, or any other accessories you'd like to go along with it.  (Fits sherlock, rasta, hammer, and other pipes 5" or less)

Glass Dabber Tool(s): Handmade Luxury Edition

A variety of the finest made dabber tools (made of glass). All of these dabbers are hand made out of glass. Each individual Dab piece is gorgeous and one of a kind.  We send you a variety for your store, and/or business. Please select the quantity you want, and you will see the price is also reflected in the quantity...

Metal Dab Tool / Dabber Tool

Premium stainless steel double-sided dab tool