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    Massive Entrepreneur Package
    $1000 Value
    3 Massive Bongs

    PACKAGE DETAILS: (3x) 18”- 20" MASSIVE Luxury Bongs 18 mm Male (RETAIL VALUE $280-$380 each)  All will be THICK, impressively crafted water bongs with layers of percs and extensive air chambers within All with ice catchers Assortment of beautiful colors and styles If you're looking for an assortment of thick, luxurious, intricate bongs, look no further. These are our highest quality bongs; These MASSIVE water...

    6” Wholesale Hammer Bubblers
    10+ Units

    No more long waits for your products! Fast USA Shipping! "Hammer" Style Bubbler! This bubbler is the best type of bubbler we give our customers, because it is smooth, durable, easy to hit, and most of all, USEFUL for a long, long time. I suggest this to all, whether you own a store, or want it for your home. This...