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Bubblers are an incredible option for the beginner recreational cannabis enthusiast. They combine the best of both worlds - glass pipe, and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. You don’t have to choose between the more traditional glass pipe that’s easy to transport and the highly enjoyable bong experience; our bubblers can give you both convenience and a pleasant adventure. In short, bubblers are multi-use glass pipes that are similar to bongs, because they both use water to create and facilitate smooth and enjoyable smoking. They are glass pipes with an added water filtration system, which can be used or not used. At the bottom of your bubbler, you will find an opening that can be filled with water or left dry, depending on your preference.  

Our high-quality bubblers are perfect for someone who is just beginning to develop their preferences in the world of cannabis. Because bubblers are made of one consistent glass piece, you don’t have to worry about putting multiple parts together, or forgetting a part when you travel. With our high-quality bubblers, you just fill the bottom with water, grind your choice of cannabis or herbs down, light and enjoy.

There are many advantages of using a bubbler. First, it can go anywhere. The bubbler provides you with an excellent travel and at home option. Our bubblers are easily portable, so you never have to worry about toting around a heavy and awkward piece of smoking equipment. It's as easy as transporting any one of our glass pipes. Second, when you utilize the water percolation system, it creates a smoother effect. The benefits of glass pipes are numerous, from the purity of the taste to the even distribution of heat throughout the pipe, glass bubblers are a favorite of many who enjoy a more comfortable smoke.

Using one of our bubblers, you can enjoy the crystal clean, unadulterated taste of your cannabis or herbs for a smoother, longer lasting experience. Which is one of the most significant benefits of using glass pipes. Like our glass pipes and our bongs, the color and design of our bubblers are unique to each user. Check out our many options for color, design, and shape. We guarantee you’re going to find one that you love.