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Sales Rep and Ambassador's Program

Ambassador’s Starter Package

Perfect for Stores and Entrepreneurs JUST THE 6 DAB RIGS ALONE ARE ENOUGH TO MAKE YOUR MONEY BACK Via Retail.... It's a 0 Risk Situation... Heres a breakdown of the package: ) KEY: Retail Prices are in (Parentheses) **(8) Large Luxury Pipes 5.5"+ (American made, hand made) ($35 each Retail)** (3) 3" heavy pipes ($10 each) (5) 3" Light pipes...

$3000 Luxe Extraordinaire Entrepreneur Package

**KEY: - Parenthesis (x) means the Retail Price of Each; the number next to it in the middle, shows the total retail value. -The Cost is the next number that says, $ME. CALL FOR SUBSTITUTIONS: (202) 847-5062 10X 5.5"-7" Variety Bongs ($25 each) 250. $110ME 40X 7" Signature Dab Rigs- comes w/ 14mm Quartz attachment ($50 each) 2000. $600ME 8X 7" Craft...