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Regular Glass Pipes

Luxury Medium Sized Wholesale Glass Pipes 4”-5”
Variety Package
MSRP $25 Each

Buy these absolutely gorgeous glass pipes for your smoke shop or store.  A mixture of the best wholesale glass pipes you can get. *THE MORE QUANTITY YOU GET, THE BETTER THE PRICE!* Generous, per usual, and guaranteed huge profits for you as always. YOU WILL BE MORE THAN SATISFIED, and NOBODY can beat our prices. Cheers to good business, folks :) These...

5" Variety Silicone Pipes
10-50 Units

What you Get: - 5" Variety Colorful Silicone Pipes This is the most industrial, all inclusive ultimate Silicone pipe. Complete with a hidden stash tray and poker tool in the bottom to keep everything you need in one place. These pipes are virtually indestructible and are great for on-the-go!  Silicone has definitely come a long way since the 2000's, and is now competing...

3.5” Heavy Variety Wholesale Glass Pipes
10+ Units

WHAT'S INCLUDED: 3.5” Variety Heavy Pipes (10-100 units) Great set of 100-1000 3.5” variety glass pipes.  3.5” long each, and about .75” wide, and guaranteed to make you a good profit. Very Good quality as well.  MSRP Each: $12.99 This is one of our best deals for entrepreneurs. These pipes have the best margins     

3” Lightweight Wholesale Glass Pipes

Great set of 100-1000 Mini pipes.  3" long each, and guaranteed to make you a good profit. Good quality as well.  For the best glass pipes on the market, we got you here, at LuxeProductsUSA.com.

Wholesale Glass Chillums
Luxury Edition

Fast USA Shipping! No more long wait for your Products! Best Deal in the USA. HIGH QUALITY CHILLUM 3” - 4” handmade with thumb rest and slight color variations.  

3" Travel-Size Glass Pipe

Hand-made, one of a kind, 3" glass pipe.  Designs vary. 100% Glass. Retail price: $11.99

6" Smell Proof Pipe Case Random Color

This smell proof pipe case is something that any glass pipe will be protected by, and secured with. Zips up, and allows space for a lighter, or any other accessories you'd like to go along with it.  (Fits sherlock, rasta, hammer, and other pipes 5" or less)