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                5" Twister Heavy Pipe

                These Glass pipes, are made of a more expensive type of glass material.  They are handcrafted, and one of our most gorgeous pipes, not to mention popular! These Hand pipes have been in the market for only 1 month now, and are the most popular cute pipe in the nation! Just cover shipping!  Awesome 5" assorted Twist Patterned Pipes!! These...

                Blue Hand Crafted Bubbler

                Beautiful, Ocean Blue Bubbler.  Hand Crafted in Nepal, from the mountains, to you.  Super Fast Shipping! Best Bubblers in the game! Luxe Products USA!

                Red Hand Crafted Bubbler

                Beautiful Hand Crafted Bubbler.  Super Fast Shipping.

                Luxury Bong (Random)

                Orders over $50 = Free Shipping! ...Beat the system, and get take advantage of our shipping rules 😉... FREE BONG! ($60 Value) + QUARTZ BANGER ($25 Value) INCLUDES 14mm BOWL as well  ($9.99) , So it can be used as both a BONG and a RIG if you get the attachment needed (14mm quartz banger) ***VERY LIMITED QUANTITY***      ...

                16" Large Ice Catcher Bong (Made in the USA)

                Branded, 16" Large Ice Catcher Bong (Made in the USA).  This water pipe is made in our country, and with thick glass, that is bar none to the other Chinese brands.  None of our glass products are made in China, but not all of our products are made in the USA. This Bong is one that is made in California, by...

                4” Super Thick & Heavy Space Traveler’s Spoon Pipe

                 This large smoking pipe is essential to your home collection. It is thick, durable, functional, beautiful, and handcrafted. This glass pipe will be very difficult to break, As it is extremely thick. It is one of our most durable hand pipes, and bowls that we have. This smoking pipe can be yours for half the price of the competition. 

                Pink Hand Crafted Bubbler

                Pink, Hand Crafted Bubbler.  About 4.5" Tall, and perfect for any type of use, whether on the go, or in the house! A truly Beautiful Glass Bubbler! Super Fast Shipping!

                5x Colored 4” Glass Pipes

                Thick, heavy, durable, and functional glass smoking pipes. These bowls will do amazing at your store, or for your friends as a group. They are great as a travel pipe, and/or a home pipe. Regardless, these glass pipes will be a big hit.  You Get: 5 Glass Pipes (Various colors) 

                10” Bong w/ Ice catcher

                The best value for your store.  This is a must-buy, Bong. Customers purchase it every day, and we promise that you will be asking us for more of these very soon. These medium to large sized the water pipes are, and always have been a huge hit on the market. Purchase you’re five pack today, and emailed us if you...