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                Entrepreneur Box

                Make Minimum 3x-5x On Your Money Guaranteed:

                1.) Sign up by selecting Box A or B
                2.) Consultation Call: Receive a quick call 
                3.) Sell (Receive your glass and start)
                4.) Repeat. Remember that we are here to make sure you Succeed

                If you have any questions, email us: luxeproductsusa@gmail.com. Serious Inquiries only...


                Sample Package Dab Rig & 10 Pipes

                SIMPLE Pay shipping, and sell it for a large profit, then come back to us. This is your "experimental round," to prove to you how well this works. YOU GET:  10 mini pipes ($7 each) 1 Dab Rig  ($50 + each)  Max 1 Signature Dab Rig per order. ***VERY LIMITED QUANTITY***                  **SAMPLE OFFER...

                Entrepreneur Box A:
                20 Piece

                Start Your "Bong Empire," out from scratch, and make $200 or more on your Investment!                                                                        "So easy, your grandma can do it." Get your Entrepreneur Box Today, and don't hesitate... because...

                Entrepreneur Box B: 10 Bongs

                Start Your "Bong Empire," out from scratch, and make $200 or more on your Investment!                                                                        "So easy, your grandma can do it." Get your Entrepreneur Box Today, and don't hesitate... because there's limited quantity....

                100 Pipes for $100

                (100x) 3" Lightweight Pipes:  This is one of our best deals for entrepreneurs, and is as absurd in our offer as the others! Best deal for entrepreneurs or collectors in the USA.  Guaranteed. 1.) Collect your pipes 2.) Sell to customers for 5x-10x gains.   There is no better deal online...  

                75 Piece Luxe VIP Kit ($2000-$2500 kit)

                TURN $495 INTO $2,000+! BREAK DOWN YOUR PACKAGE AND DOUBLE OR TRIPLE YOUR MONEY QUICKLY! RESELL TO LOCAL STORES OR OTHERS IN NEED OF GLASS! CONTACT US WITH QUESTIONS & TO PUT TOGETHER YOUR BOX:  MINIMUM 75 PIECES - 10 Medium Water Pipes ($400-$650)  - 15 Medium Bubblers/Hammers ($300-$400)  - 15 Medium Spoons ($225-$300)  - 25 Mini Spoons ($200-$300) -...

                5"-7" Medium Pipes (10-50 units)

                Buy 10, 25, or 50 of these absolutely gorgeous glass pipes for your store.  A mixture of the best you can get.  Generous, per usual, and guaranteed huge profits for you as always. YOU WILL BE MORE THAN SATISFIED, and NOBODY can beat our prices. NOBODY.  Cheers to good business folks :)