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                GLASS BONGS & BUBBLERS

                Bubblers are an incredible option for the beginner recreational cannabis enthusiast. They combine the best of both worlds - glass pipe, and bong, getting you a thoroughly enjoyable experience. You don’t have to choose between the more traditional glass pipe that’s easy to transport and the highly enjoyable bong experience; our bubblers can give you both convenience and a pleasant adventure.

                Our high-quality bubblers are perfect for someone who is just beginning to develop their preferences in the world of cannabis. Because bubblers are made of one consistent glass piece, you don’t have to worry about putting multiple parts together, or forgetting a part when you travel. With our high-quality bubblers, you just fill the bottom with water, grind your choice of cannabis or herbs down, light and enjoy.

                Our bubblers are easily portable, so you never have to worry about toting around a heavy and awkward piece of smoking equipment. It's as easy as transporting any one of our glass pipes. Second, when you utilize the water percolation system, it creates a smoother effect. The benefits of glass pipes are numerous, from the purity of the taste to the even distribution of heat throughout the pipe, glass bubblers are a favorite of many who enjoy a more comfortable smoke. We also sell them in bulk, click here to learn more

                Genie In a Bottle

                Genuinely, a unique piece.  Functional, and sturdy.  7" tall, and hits like an absolute champ. Comes with: -Genie Bong -14mm Glass Bowl

                The Tornado Hitter

                This piece has slits on the side of it to promote even more of a "tornado," like cyclone when you hit it! Truly Amazing. 7" Tall, and durable as heck.  Comes with a 14mm Male bowl of course as well.

                The Colonial Ravager

                This is a truly simple, and durable piece that YELLS: functionality.  Beautiful, reliable, and the perfect size.  7" tall as well. One of the best bongs on the market. Period.

                The Trumpet Tree

                This bong/dab rig is made specially.  It is larger than most in its category, and creates a super smooth rip.  This is hands down one of our best a la carte products In the bong, bubbler, and dab rig category.  It's about 8.5" tall, and comes in either amber, or blue gunmetal color.

                Wholesale Dab Rigs
                12-50 Units

                Variety 7” Dab Rigs! All sorts of designs and shapes. These are ALL proven to sell in your store. PROVEN, without a doubt. Can be used as both bong and/or a dab rig. Each come with a 14mm male bowl for dry use. This is the best option if you want variety. This is hands down THE BEST item we have for stores,...

                Daniel W’s Dab Rig

                Comes with 14 mm quartz banger, dabber, and carp cap